We produce the majority of our CNC turned and milled parts for medical engineering applications. The biocompatibility of titanium and its resistance to acids make the metal the material of choice.


Every year we process between 20,000 and 30,000 meters of titanium and titanium alloys to produce highly precise components. Due to this we are an expert in this field.


Titanium is the most common material used for dental implants.
Our production, for example, includes root implants, gingiva formers, dental abutments, numerous screws and insertion devices for implants.
These are just a few selected examples of our work. Click on the arrows in the pictures to see the applications.


The machining of titanium requires high standards for equipment and many years of experience. The special characteristics of titanium and its alloys require a particular approach and special methods which KSP is proficient in and applies on a daily basis.

The extremely high durability, toughness and hardness, for example, require the use of special, low wear, high performance tools. The right tools and feed and ideal removal of chips are important parameters which our experts can adjust in order to achieve the best results.


A further special feature of titanium is the surface finishing and the colours which can be achieved by anodising. The oxide layer increases the resistance of the components to corrosion and is also a distinctive feature. The available colours range from silver, gold and bronze to blue, violet and to red, yellow and green in different shades of colour.


We work closely in trusting cooperation with long-term partners for the surface finishing of our components. Therefore we are happy to manage this process step for you and will take care that the process is managed according to schedule.


We process titanium and titanium alloys with grade 2, grade 4 and grade 5.